Wednesday, July 6, 2011

religion and super heroes!

"Alter ego"
Pyrography, bark wash, ochres, coriopsis flower wash, liquid chlorophyll, plane tree charcoal, eucalypt sap and malachite.
100 cm by 95cm

"The ground above"
Pyrography, eucalypt bark wash, liquid chlorophyll, coriopsis flower wash, ochres plane tree charcoal and eucalypt sap.
57 cm by 100cm

Pyrography, eucalypt bark wash, coriopsis flower wash, plane tree charcoal, malachite and ochres.
25cm by 30 cm


  1. The first one is more than just drop gorgeous. The way he stands, the pride, the self-confidence and all the small details you put in there. Just marvellous.
    The way you draw eyes, the mirrors of ones soul is just ..... (lost for words.

    Enjoy a lovely winterday and I'll see you soon.