Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It is my great pleasure to present an amazing project that I have been so luckily been a part of for the last eight months. I was commissioned to do all the art work for Osunlade's new album "Pyrography"
The two covers for the album are my interpretations of the artist himself and the rest of the album are again my interpretations with the ever present guidance of Osunlade of 13 deities or orishas, beings/Gods of Yoruba . Each Orisha is accompanied for the very first time with written Orikis/Prayers. This is the spiritual practice that Osunlade has chosen. It has been an amazing journey for me as it resulted in me touring with Osunlade all through Europe. Osunlade painstakingly organised for the originals to be toured as well as producing this incredible hard cover book/album for his fans and anyone else who wants to share in what I think is an amazing musical visual experience!
If you're interested in a copy please follow this link!

It's also exciting to see how well the originals reproduce in this publication!


  1. You have some amazing work! I just featured you on my blog. I would love for you to look at it,,,,one reader was asking about the stability of your natural pigments. We would all love to know more about your work.


  2. Wonderful work Scott - a fantastic collaboration between yourself and Osunlade. Very synchronistic - the music and art sit perfectly alongside each other. Well done to both ;)