Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inspirations are funny little creatures

Hi, well I dont write much on here but for the basics, which is funny because in person you can't shut me up!
I just wanted to share that I have two new colours, Lapis Lazuli and Malachite, these will transform my work, for the better I feel and look forward to sharing the out comes! I'd like to thank a dear friend for making this happen, he trawled many markets in turkey to find them, its hard to find good quality Lapis and Malachite unless you want to buy jewellery, my friend is an artist not a banker and its expensive enough as it is! I wont introduce my friend just yet because we are working on an amazing project together and the time will come for that, just wanted to share my excitement at these jewel like colours that I get to share with you!
Kind regards

"Cosmic ice cream"
Pyrography, bark wash, plane tree charcoal, coriopsis flower wash, liquid chlorophyll, ochres, lapis lazuli and malachite.
25.5cm by 33cm

Pyrography, bark wash, plane tree charcoal, liquid chlorophyll, eucalypt sap, ochres, blue berry wine wash and coffee bean wash.
21cm by 33cm

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  1. I have never forgotten the first time I saw light coming through a stream of malachite green being washed off a slide in the microbiology lab. It's the most beautiful colour.

    (I've been following along for a few months and love your work Scott. Thanks.)